Design and manufacture of industrial sheet metal enclosures

Industrial enclosures manufacturing

We manufacture enclosures from sheet metal for various purposes (floor, wall mounting). Most often we use steel, aluminum or stainless steel sheets. We carry out internal bulkheads, holes of various diameters, profile grooves, internal and external fasteners and other construction features.


Metal enclosures for information kiosks and terminals

Enclosures manufacturing for interactive touch systems (terminals, info kiosks, ATMs, electronic queues, touch tables). Stud welding, radius bend, white color powder coating.

Published: 03.08.2021

Industrial enclosure for power supplies

Development and production of enclosures for power supplies for outdoor LED screens (outdoor advertisement LED screens).

Published: 17.08.2021

Power transformer enclosures

Production of large enclosures for input, with which complete transformer substations (СTS) are equipped.

Published: 19.07.2020

Housings for climate chambers

Development of documentation and a prototype for a climate chamber. Climate chambers are used to simulate the effects of climatic conditions on the test samples. Manufactured cameras find their application in such areas as: instrumentation, mechanical engineering, automotive, aircraft construction, chemical industry, pharmacology, radio electronics, construction, various research and development areas.

Published: 15.07.2020

Enclosures for electric batteries installed on electric buses

Development and manufacture of enclosures in which electric batteries are located, which power electric buses manufactured in Belarus.

Published: 02.03.2020

Containers (boxes) for used batteries disposal

Development and production of containers for used batteries disposal placed in hypermarkets and shops. Stylish and neat design.

Published: 05.05.2020

Waste bins made of galvanized steel

Manufacturing of waste bins (containers) for German partners, used for the needs of the city.

Published: 31.07.2020

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