CJSC ArmisInvestGroup

laser cutting, metal bending,

welding and powder coating


A young and efficient team that organized the production of metalworking, equipped it with modern high-tech equipment for metal processing and did everything to ensure that each order, regardless of its complexity, was completed at the highest level in a short time.

The company has its own warehouse of raw materials and produces its own finished products. Our clients have access to the service of metal processing on the basis of give-and-take raw materials.

The company aims to build mutually beneficial partnerships and is ready to commit to providing customers with parts and assembly kits on the long-term conditions.

Production sites

Production workshop consists of 4 main sections for sheet metal transforming: a laser cutting section (loading and cutting sheet metal, recycling scrap, storage of cut parts), a bending section (metal bending on CNC machines, storage of bended products), a welding and locksmithing section (welding and locksmith work, welding of studs), a polymer painting area (preparation and degreasing of parts, painting in a spray booth) and a finished product warehouse, from where finished products are shipped to our customers.


modern laser cutting machines


modern CNC bending machines


modern welding tables for metal works

1,500 м2

metal works manufacturing site


cut parts per month

Quality and Lean Manufacturing

Use of modern machines from the leading enterprises of the machine-building industry has allowed us to earn a reputation as a reliable partner for our customers. Thanks to the use of modern equipment and software, it is possible to optimize the cutting in the course of laser cutting of the initial material, reduce the amount of waste, achieve high accuracy, speed, full compliance with the terms of design documentation and the maximum quality of manufactured metal products.


The software control used in the machines allows you to fully automate the process of laser cutting, minimizing the human factor.

Our team

The staff of our company consists of experienced designers, engineers, operators, as well as qualified technicians who carry out the repair and maintenance of production equipment. Each production worker undergoes professional training in metal working and continuously is in process of acquiring additional skills under the guidance of a site foreman.


Development and manufacture of new products and housings – all this is our great experience together. We are ready for new challenges that make us stronger.