Design and manufacture of conveyor equipment for various industries

Belt, roller, modular conveyor systems

Conveyor systems optimize and automate manufacturing processes, such as moving products or materials from one process to another, without additional costs or high costs. In our company, you can purchase belt conveyors or a conveyor line for your company under the order.


Belt conveyors

Design and manufacture of reliable belt conveyors according to customer requirements (straight, inclined, narrow belt). We manufacture both standard belt conveyors and customized conveyor systems. The production uses proven designs and high-quality components that are used in various production processes, in particular in mechanical engineering, the pharmaceutical and food industries, logistics centers and others.


Roller conveyors

We produce roller conveyors for various industrial applications and in accordance with customer requirements (straight, rotary, driven, pallet). All conveyors are supplied with galvanized, PVC and stainless steel rollers. The equipment has a durable stainless steel frame and is powder coated.


Modular conveyor belts

Modular belt conveyors are versatile in use. They find their application for moving products horizontally, up at an angle and when turning.


Plate conveyors

We design and manufacture apron conveyors that require minimal maintenance. The conveyors are equipped with lamellar belts made of plastic or stainless steel. Thanks to this, the operated conveyors are hygienic and durable.


Telescopic conveyors

Telescopic conveyors are used for loading and unloading in the warehouse, in the areas of distribution of packaged goods, loading and receiving.


Rotary and storage tables

The turntables are located near the dispensing device of the processing or packaging line, which allows staff to speed up the process of packing or inspecting products. Accumulative tables are used together with lines for filling containers or loading and unloading lines.

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