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    Laser cutting of metal

    Modern technology of CNC machine processing, which allows you to perform a cut of any complexity with the highest accuracy. This method makes it possible to quickly and accurately process workpieces of any shape, including both flat and solid parts. Laser cutting has many advantages over mechanical cutting, which determines its widespread use in various industries.

    Materials and thickness

    Carbon steel

    up to 10 mm

    Stainless steel

    up to 8 mm


    up to 8 mm


    up to 8 mm

    Maximum size of workpieces

    Metal dimensions for cutting

    High-precision laser systems

    Only high-quality and certified equipment is used in production. The existing machines were purchased from the most popular manufacturers. Thanks to this, laser cutting of metal sheet is realized with unprecedented precision and quality.


    Modern CNC laser cutting machines


    Maximum error for metal cutting


    Full capacity of metal sheet laser cutting machines


    Tons of metal sheet per month


    Number of cut parts per month

    High-quality metal cut

    The effect of a laser on a metal during a cut is characterized by actions associated with absorption and reflection of radiation, the spread of energy throughout the volume of the material due to thermal conductivity.

    The laser beam heats the metal to the first temperature of destruction – melting. With the subsequent absorption of energy, the metal melts, and the melting phase boundary moves into the interior of the material. Further action of the laser leads to an increase in the temperature of the metal, reaching the second temperature of destruction – boiling, at which the metal begins to actively evaporate.

    There are two laser cutting mechanisms, fusion and evaporation. More often cutting is performed by melting. At the same time, in order to significantly reduce energy costs, increase the thickness of the metal being processed and the cutting speed, additional gas is used, injected into the cutting zone to remove the products of metal destruction. Most often, we use oxygen or air as an auxiliary gas.

    Metalworking Professionals

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    Производство Армис

    Recommendations and requirements

    We recommend that you provide blueprints or other documentation in DXF or AutoCAD format, if there is no documentation in these formats, we can help you develop them, the cost of preparing the documentation is determined for each order individually, in some cases we can do it for free.

    Layout Recommendations

    • To calculate the cost of manufacturing, you need to provide drawings in DWG or DXF format.
    • Scale parts in drawings 1:1.
    • Part outlines must be in the zero layer and made in graphic primitives (lines, circles, arches, etc.).
    • It is undesirable to use splines and ellipses in drawings.

    Requirements for give-and-take raw materials

    • Material without corrosion or creases.
    • Rectangular billet.
    • The permissible sheet deflection at a length of 3000 mm should not exceed 50 mm.
    • The material is delivered by the customer.

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