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Аbout company

The manufacturing company CJSC "ArmisInvestGroup" provides a full range of services with sheet metal. Our main focus is the production of parts and enclosures.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting of sheet metal up to 10mm thick. A wide assortment of metal available in stock. We also work with customer-supplied material.

Metal bending

High-precision metal bending using CNC bending machines. A large number of punches and dies are available.


Welding of ferrous metal, stainless steel, aluminum. Argon and CO2. Welding of fasteners, studs, nuts.

Powder coating

Powder coating. Excellent decorative and physicochemical properties of coatings.

Activity of the company

The main activity of the company is aimed at the creation of various products for customers from sheet metal, from design to painting of finished products.

Our services

Laser cutting

Metal laser cutting is one of the most demanded types of services as it is the most efficient solution for accurate and high-quality cutting of metal.

Материалы и толщины

Carbon steel

up to 10 mm

Stainless steel

up to 8 mm


up to 8 mm

Laser cutting services

The enterprise has 2 modern fiber-optic lasers for cutting a wide range of metals of various thicknesses. We fulfill orders for cutting parts from sheet aluminum, various grades of structural and stainless steel, copper and brass, refractory metals.
The maximum dimensions of the sheets used - 1500x3000 mm

Metal bending

By bending metal, you can get a lot of functional and decorative products, as well as products for mechanical engineering: corner, channel, profile, brackets, trays, boxes and many non-standard sheet metal products. Bending is performed for metals up to 6 mm thick.

Large set of punches and dies

Metal bending

An efficient and technologically advanced way of manufacturing seamless structural elements. Bended elements increase the strength of the final product, eliminating the need for welding and unnecessary costs.

Welding and locksmith works

Used welding


carbon steel


stainless steel, aluminum

Сontact welding

butt, spot, suture

Additional work

Stud welding

carbon steel

Pipe cutting

straight cut, at an angle

Exhaust elements

nuts, studs

Welding works

Our company offers services for welding (steel, stainless steel, aluminum) in Minsk of any metal structures by various types of electric welding: MIG welding, TIG welding, condenser, spot welding. We also carry out work on the installation of press-fit, exhaust, welded fasteners.

Powder coating

Powder coating, or, as it is also called, polymer, is able to improve the physicochemical properties of metals in order to extend the life time of parts, protect them from aggressive environments and improve decorative properties.


paint to RAL

many colors available

Coating types

gloss, moire, metallic, shagreen

Camera dimensions


About powder coating

Before painting, the products undergo preliminary preparation - removal of grease and other contaminants from the surface. Then powder is applied to the products in the spraying chamber. Next, baking takes place at a temperature of 200 ° C.

Design development

Services for the development of design documentation for a product are in demand in the manufacture of prototypes, unique equipment, and non-standard parts. The creation of design documentation for ESKD implies the design of a package of documentation that corresponds to a common single sample.

We manufacture products

according to your documentation

according to the prototype

building your product from scratch

Preparation of documentation

The design department works both with ready-made design documentation and with technical specifications and samples. Our designers and engineers are always happy to offer various optimal solutions for your tasks.

Сompany's news

We released a new line of finished products — household goods

Published: 18 April 2020

We produce a line of products in the category “Household goods”. Search popular marketplaces (wildberries and ozon), track promotions and offers. We give promotional codes to our clients!

Modern mailboxes from the manufacturer ArmisInvestGroup

Published: 02 March 2020

We launched a new project for the production of mailboxes for apartment buildings in the entrances. Various models in different materials. More details on the website: mail-box.by

New speeds on new Ermaksan laser cutting equipment

Published: 05 November 2019

The company has acquired a new laser machine Ermaksan, which achieves high cutting speeds (up to 50 meters / min) with overloads of 4G …



The cost of laser cutting and bending depends on many factors: type of material, metal thickness, product dimensions, quantity, design features. Each order is individually calculated by our employees.

Payment form

Cashless and cash payment. When paying in cash, you can conclude an agreement with us for the service provided and pay the bank account.

Minimum order

Taking into account the long technological chain of production, the minimum order amount is from 500 Belarusian rubles excluding VAT.

Customer material

We work with customer-supplied raw materials.

Working with galvanized steel

We provide a full range of services for the processing of galvanized steel.

Urgent orders

We always try to meet our clients halfway. In case of urgent production, increasing coefficients will be used in calculating the cost of work.

Order settlement time

Much depends on the documentation you provide, the number of items. This usually does not take more than three hours.

Lead time

The term for the production of orders is agreed with you. We usually process orders up to 10-15 business days. It all depends on the production load. The time will be indicated in the contract.

Work with individuals

The cost of laser cutting and bending depends on many factors: type of material, metal thickness, product dimensions, quantity, design features. Therefore, each order is individually calculated by our employees.

Product packaging

At the request of the customer, we can pack the order in stretch film.

Order delivery

Yes, we can deliver your order using a courier service, according to "Autolitexpress" tariffs.

Identifying errors

If you find a marriage, you need to contact your manager. If the defect is due to our reasons, then the products on which the defects were revealed will be redone.

Leave a request for calculation

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  • Calculation of the exact cost and timing of the order you are interested in.
  • Information about similar orders that we have already completed.
  • Consultation on the possibilities of our production.
  • Information about optimal solutions to your problems.
  • Answers to other questions that interest you.

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