Milling work on metal with CNC

CNC metal turning

Токарные работы по металлу3

Development of documentation

In order to manufacture any product or part, you need drawings, models, sketches of parts, etc. If you don’t have this, then our technicians are ready to prepare design and technological documentation for the production of sheet metal products according to your terms of reference.

Sheet metal laser cutting

We carry out high-tech laser cutting of sheet metal. The advantage of this method is that the cut of the part after processing remains clean and neat. And the cutting accuracy of the metal is very high, even if it is a stainless steel product. Our laser machines allow you to accurately and efficiently cut any metal.

Sheet metal bending

The production is equipped with press brakes, which perform a wide range of sheet metal bending operations, from the creation of various profiles to the manufacture of body products with a high level of complexity. We carry out bending on metal up to 6 mm thick. The maximum length of the bending part is 3000 mm.

Welding and locksmith works

One of the ways to create a strong and tight seam in the manufacture of metal products between two parts is a weld joint. A professional approach to metal welding helps to connect metal structures of any size and shape, while the strength of the seam is always very high. The principle of the technology is based on the creation of strong bonds between elements at the molecular level. These bonds are formed by the enormous energy generated by the welding equipment.

Powder coating

We make painting with polymer coatings, using a wide range of powder paints, both imported and domestic. Any metal structure, thanks to a durable and wear-resistant powder coating, gets reliable protection against corrosion and external factors that could lead to damage to the product.