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    Welding and locksmith works

    One of the ways to create a strong and tight seam in the manufacture of metal products between two parts is a weld joint. A professional approach to metal welding helps to connect metal structures of any size and shape, while the strength of the seam is always very high. The principle of the technology is based on the creation of strong bonds between elements at the molecular level. These bonds are formed by the enormous energy generated by the welding equipment.

    Welding types used

    MIG welding

    carbon steel

    TIG welding

    stainless steel, aluminum

    Contact welding butt

    butt, spot, suture

    Additional works

    Stud welding

    steel, stainless steel

    Tubes cutting

    straight cutting, under angle

    Exhaust elements

    nuts, studs


    гайки, втулки, шпильки

    Professional metal welding

    Welding requires a certain level of skill and professionalism, as well as the availability of modern equipment and materials, while observing all established standards and possible loads. To work with stainless steel, stainless steel welding requires additional measures to maintain anti-corrosion properties. When working with ferrous metal, it is necessary to observe the welding technology, otherwise you can lose the integrity and deterioration of the strength of the material.


    modern welding tables


    types of welding


    full capacity of metal sheet laser cutting machines


    tons of metal sheet per month


    number of cut parts per month

    Possible welded structures

    The production works with standard and unique projects of metal structures of any type, complexity, purpose, custom products. The company will manufacture metal products using welding:

    – components for various mechanisms and units;
    – parts of hulls of cars, wagons, ships and other equipment;
    – building frames, elements of trusses and other supporting structures;
    – pipes of various sizes and purposes;
    – various small metal products;
    – gratings, fencing elements.

    Underframe welding example

    Precise pipe

    cutting by band saw

    Pipe welding

    by semi-automatic


    by abrasive

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