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    Powder coating of metal

    A large selection of colors and textures of powder paint will help you realize ideas and achieve the desired result. We work with matte and glossy textures, coarse and fine grain for paints with a metallic effect. We apply paint under shagreen, moire, marble, antique, crocodile leather and hammer enamel.

    Various types of coating











    Spray booth

    Polymer powder coating of metal products is a modern and environmentally friendly solution for painting. The required effect is achieved not only by applying special polymer powders to the surface, but also by heating them to the required temperature. When heated within the range of + 160-200 ° C, the powder coating the metal begins to melt, forming a solid and durable coating.

    Our production is built in such a way that we are ready to paint any product – from small nuts to 3-meter complex structures.

    3400 mm

    maximum length of the painted part

    180 °C

    working booth temperature


    Full capacity of metal sheet laser cutting machines


    Tons of metal sheet per month


    Number of cut parts per month

    Strong and durable coating

    Polymerization takes place in a special chamber at a temperature from 180 to 210 degrees for 15-25 minutes, depending on the brand of paint. Particles of paint are heated, melted and fixed on the surface of the product. As a result of the process, a polymer coating is formed.

    Such coverage has an advantage over the others:
    – reliably protects against corrosion;
    – retains its aesthetic appearance for many years;
    – increases the resistance of the structure to mechanical stress: abrasion, scratches, dust;
    – improves the degree of noise absorption;
    – solves design and architectural problems using a variety of colors and decorative effects;
    – protects from atmospheric precipitation, UV radiation and temperature extremes.

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