Enclosures for electronics and electronic equipment of steel

Enclosures for electronics and electronic equipment

Steel and aluminum enclosures are the most common structural elements of any device that requires strength, durability, and other advanced performance. We manufacture enclosures of any size, provide protection against corrosion, install fasteners for the boards, apply information using silkscreen printing.


Enclosure for high-quality measuring device with a central control unit (biomedical testing system for ventilation systems)

We had developed an enclosure for a foreign partner, in which auxiliary equipment for a ventilator is mounted. Compact body, polymer-coated, silk-screened.


Housing for the exemplary blackbody emitter

This enclosure is intended for equipment that reproduces radiation temperatures in the range from minus 40 to 1500 ° C. The equipment is used for calibration and verification of pyrometers, thermal imagers, IR cameras, calibration of spectral radiometers and spectrographic analyzers.


Display housing

Development and production of cases for LCD displays that broadcast useful information or advertisements in crowded places. The case assumes further mounting on the bracket.


Control boxes for washing complexes

Manufacturing of stainless steel boxes for the layout of electrical equipment with cutting out the customer's logo on it.


Electronic equipment enclosure for the military industry

Design and manufacture of electronic equipment enclosures. Prototype manufacturing. Testing of various materials and coatings (galvanizing, anodizing).


Ionizer housing

Development and manufacture of a housing for a ceiling cleaner-ionizer, made in Belarus. White glossy powder coating.


Housing for input and output device

Manufacturing of housings for input and output devices.


Корпус для устройства ввода и вывода информации

Изготовление корпусов для устройств ввода и вывода информации.

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