Decorative products and artistic metal cutting

Decorative elements

We offer artistic sheet metal cutting. Metal decorative elements. Inserts and patterns. Custom work according to your sketches.


Decorative element for the subway

Production of decorative elements for the third line of the Minsk metro (station "Kovalskaya Sloboda"), joint work with designers. Ceiling structure painted black.


Decorative elements for metro installations

Decorative elements for the station "Ploshcha Frantsishka Bagushevich" in Minsk. The idea of the loom - Alexey Sorokin.


Shelf decorative brackets

Manufacturing of bracket for shelves "Duck" from sheet metal 1.5 mm thick. The color is matte black.


Element for wicket

Production of decorative elements for an entrance gate and a fence in a private house according to the customer's sketch.



Manufacturing of parts for a decorative weather vane for a private house.

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